About Us

What We Do

The St. Louis Park Community Band is dedicated to making beautiful concert band music accessible to all. We provide a perfect mix of challenging music and social atmosphere. We are a friendly group of band members who take our music seriously.  We are recognized as one of top adult concert bands in the state.

We have been bringing music to communities since 1972. Based in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, we are a group of about 65 dedicated musicians from all areas of the Twin Cities Metro Area. Under the direction of Steven G. Lyons, we perform a wide variety of music during our concerts throughout the year. Please see our concert schedule at right for our next appearance.

It is also important to us to share our life-long love of music with young people through joint concerts and instrument donations to underprivileged youths.

How To Contact Us

Rehearsals are held in the band room at St. Louis Park High School.  St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts serves as our Fiscal Partner.  Their address serves as our mailing address as well:
6715 Minnetonka Blvd., #103
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Who We Are

Board Members

President: Jim Rhodes – President@SLPBand.org
Vice-President: Sieglinde Grivna – VicePresident@SLPBand.org
Treasurer: Kent Malcomson – Treasurer@SLPBand.org
Director: Steve Lyons – Director@SLPBand.org
Member-At-Large: Barbara Lee – BoardMember1@SLPBand.org
Member-At-Large: Kent Malcomson – BoardMember2@SLPBand.org
Member-At-Large: Teresa Matson – BoardMember3@SLPBand.org

Section Leaders

Flutes: Barbara Lee – Flutes@SLPBand.org
Clarinets: Sieglinde Grivna – Clarinets@SLPBand.org
Saxophones: Amy Krauss – Saxes@SLPBand.org
French Horns: John Klinger – Horns@SLPBand.org
Trumpets: Ed Terhaar – Trumpets@SLPBand.org
Trombones & Low Brass: Linda Stegmeir – Trombones@SLPBand.org
Percussion: Yvonne Thomas – Percussion@SLPBand.org

Volunteer Leads

It takes many hands to make a great community band! Volunteer leads head up various areas and coordinate the activities that support us in many ways. Our success is thanks to each member’s support.
Band wear: Lynn Fiscus – BandWear@SLPBand.org
Booking Coordinator: Amy Krauss – Booking@SLPBand.org
Calendar Coordinator: – Calendar@SLPBand.org
Communications: Amy Krauss – Communications@SLPBand.org
Concert Logistics: Kent Malcomson – Logistics@SLPBand.org
Contracts: Amy Krauss – Contracts@SLPBand.org
Dues Collection: Dick Anderson – Dues@SLPBand.org
Fundraising: – Fundraising@SLPBand.org
Gift of Music Coordinator: Sarah Tower Mannes – GiftOfMusic@SLPBand.org
Inventory Coordinator: Jana Hargreaves – Inventory@SLPBand.org
Librarian: Sieglinde Grivna – Librarian@SLPBand.org
Membership Coordinator: Jana Hargreaves – Membership@SLPBand.org
Photographer: – Photos@SLPBand.org
Roster Coordinator: Barbara Lee – Roster@SLPBand.org
School District Liaison: Jim Rhodes – Liaison@SLPBand.org
Social Coordinator: Sarah Manes- Fun@SLPBand.org
Sunshine Crew: – Sunshine@SLPBand.org
Treats Coordinator: – Treats@SLPBand.org
Publicity: Jenna Hanson- Publicity@SLPBand.org
Volunteer Coordinator: Amy Krauss – Volunteers@SLPBand.org
Webmaster: Amy Krauss – Webmaster@SLPBand.org