Participation Info

Hello and welcome to The St. Louis Park Community Band!

A community band is a cultural link in the important chain we call life….Music has that ability to lift one out of one’s circumstances and carry one off to another world, if only for a moment or an evening. It offers a universal language, spoken as much by the heart as by the mind. Music is able to criss cross time and generations to create a common ground….The community band is more than an evening of toe tapping and hand clapping. It is the formation and continuation of a life long journey where , if we are fortunate, we find ourselves belonging to a town or village whose main ambition is to live life to the fullest, even in the toughest of times. – Rae Sedgwick, 2010, The Cheiftain

About Our Concerts

The St. Louis Park Community Band performs 8 – 11 concerts throughout the year.  Our music includes a wide range of genres such as marches, show tunes, contemporary, classical, and traditional band music.  We reach audiences of over 1,000 in the communities where we perform.


  • Our Fiscal Agent – St. Louis Park Friends of the Arts serves as our fiscal agent.  They are a Minnesota 501(c)3 organization.
  • Our Board – The board is the governing body of our organization.  It consists of our director, the treasurer and five members of the band.
  • Section Leaders – Each instrumental section has a designated leader.  This person is responsible for managing the section’s size, monitoring attendance, and ensuring parts are distributed appropriately.


Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM in the St. Louis Park High School Band Room.  Rehearsals are typically structured to have a break at 8:30 for approximately 20 minutes of social time.

Attendance and Expectations

Band membership is a commitment!  Please be honest and specific about other commitments. Communicate with the director and section leader if your schedule changes.

  • The director has complete discretion to drop someone from band if attendance and commitment are not what they deem adequate or necessary.
  • Rehearsals two weeks before a performance are mandatory.

Treats and Treat Nights

A small treat of cookies is offered each night during our 20 minute social time.  Water is available for purchase for $0.25 per bottle.  It is located in the refrigerator next to the music cabinet.  Place your payment in the cup with the red top.

Approximately every-other month, a “treat night” is scheduled.  On this night, we rehearse until 9:00 and then have a 30 minute social time hosted by a group of instrumental sections.